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As I mentioned earlier, Greg and Kate spent Christmas in Chicago with my family this year.

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I spoke with Rich Labriola this week about how he went from being an artisan baker to a serious deep-dish pizza maker.

These 10 Places Serve The Best Deep Dish Pizza In Illinois

I can officially say this is the best pizza I have ever eaten.

The Best Chicago Deep Dish Pizza: Giordano’s vs. Lou

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Check out these 5 best places with the best deep-dish pizza in the city of Chicago.A flurry of Chicago imports has set off an explosion of deep-dish pizza around Phoenix.

The above tweets were posted on to reddit, where someone who claims to represent the 403-531-3131 Chicago Deep Dish company saw it and commented providing even more information.The pan in which it is baked gives the pizza its characteristically high edge which gives a lot of space for large amounts of cheese and a chunky tomato sauce.These 10 Restaurants Serve The Best Deep Dish Pizza In Illinois.

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If you order beer, stick with bottles though, their mugs are too icy and water down the draft.There are now plenty of Unos restaurants across the country, but there are only two places to taste the original deep dish in Chicago — both locations are in the River North neighborhood a block away from each other.

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The crunchiness of the end crust owes itself to the fact that deep dish is cooked in a deeper pan, forming what can best be described as a wall of crust around it.

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Simply THE Best Chicago Deep Dish Pizza - Dang Good Cookin'

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It was also one of Roger Ebert's favorite pizza...I had just started dating Sam and I quickly learned that there were two things he really loved: the Blackhawks and deep-dish pizza.

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Like, Chicago Deep Deep Deep Dish, at a different phone number.

Read on for the best spots to find a slice of these hearty pies in Chicago.

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For the best deep dish pizza Chicago, make sure you hit these sought-after destinations first for a deep buttery crust, loaded with sauce and mozz.I am a fan of pizza pf all types and one type that I really enjoy is Chicago style deep dish pizza.

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